Ernesto`s Story

IMG 6616Ernesto, a responsible and faithful guy had learned carpentry from his father.
Now he shares in the responsibility for our Bamboo Project.
He is soon to finish his rehab, still not sure about the future steps.
Here a glimpse into his life before he joined the Set Free Centre:

Tall, shy Ernosto was observing his friends. They seemed to always have a good time together and just enjoying their lives. In spite of his friend´s warnings, Ernesto tried these new drugs, got hooked immediately and soon adapted the lifestyle of an addict.

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Transformation of a family

JTJ BroJust three years ago, four men in the Belleza family of five were suffering from drug addiction. Dad had been an addict for many years, and consequently, all three sons followed his example. However, because of a conflict between dad and his friends in the drug business, he was killed in October 2012. Three weeks after the shock brought about by this incident, the eldest son came to our center and decided to go for a change.

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What happens when we worship God?

Anbetung JJFor over a year now, we have worshipped once a week in different parts of the city. One of the places we would often go is by the corner of a street that we regularly pass. It was quite a stinky area as poor people inhabited it, sleeping on cartons, enduring the noise of the vehicles driving by. Also, this place is known for years for prostitution and drugs. In the beginning, just so we could worship Jesus as a group in that place, we even needed to first broom it and pick up the garbage. Many people walking or driving by would take curious glances at us.

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